Problem installing on vista

I decided to do some testing on a vista machine. During the install, vista popped a window up alerting me that a driver it didn’t recognize was being installed. I then allowed that, and the installation seemed to finish.

However, on reboot, Comodo says “The network firewall is not functioning properly!”

If I click run diagnostics, it just says something about cpfconfig not being found at %1.
If I close that and run it as an admin, and then click the run diagnostics, I get the message about the driver again, but nothing gets fixed.

Do I need to do something special?

Everything you said is exactly the problem I am having too with the new 3.14.273 test build on my Vista machine :-\


See comment at and see if that helps. The new driver was for the Comodo miniports-don’t know what they do, but they show up now as additonal network adapters in DU Meter, among other places. Must be good for something internal to Comodo?

I had the same problem. I solved it by running the installer “as administrator”, and temporarily disabling the AV resident protection.

First time I installed a CPF version on Vista I had the same problem.

Solved it by installing CPF as administrator on a system with no AV-software. This should do the job and you can reinstall your favorite AV software afterwards.


Rebooting again didn’t work. I don’t have any AV software installed yet.
Any other ideas?

Try the uninstall and reinstall as an administrator. It is working for most, but there still seems to be some conflicts. And install the AV software ASAP-you could already have a virus that interferes with security software!

That’s doubtfull as it hasn’t been on a networt yet. But, I’ll try reinstalling again.

Ok, this time on the reboot it said it was installing device drivers, and then it said it failed.

When I clicked details, it says

Comodo Firewall Miniport #2 Failed.

You said that the Vista computer is not connected to a network yet, so how is it configured? Do you have the ethernet port enabled? The miniport is just a way for Comodo to access your network data stream to do the firewall functions, and this install is part of the normal activity. Probably Vista said “installing an unknown device driver”, but I haven’t seen reports of it failing to do so-it’s really a pseudo device. Try going to Device Manager and selecting “show hidden devices”. There may be a “Comodo Firewall Miniport #2” there with a big yellow exclaimation point.
If it works like a real device (just a guess) you can remove it and reboot to try again. Another thing that seems to help Vista installations is to turn UAC off. Go to control panel/user accounts and uncheck it there. Sorry not to be more specific, but haven’t heard of this error before. Maybe someone else will chime in who has.

I wasn’t too clear on the not being connected part. It is connected my router, but I have a rule in my router to block all traffic to and from that machine until it’s ready.

Anyway, regardless of that message, it seems to be working now.