Problem installing linux in ubuntu 14 cav

When you install with ubuntu software center informs me that the package is poor and gives me the following information: E: cav-linux: maintainer-address-malformed comfortable comodo@comodo-OptiPlex-330
How can I fix this?

HI Dickfree,

this shows, that the package in the software-Center may be outdated or corrupted. That’s why you should always download COMODO form the original download-page:

Then follow my instruction here to install COMODO AntiVirus clean:

This helps you to install COMODO AntiVirus clean in your Ubuntu or even for ubuntu-based OS. This installation also shows you, which steps you have to take, when a new fresh Ubuntukernel arrives.

Ubuntuexpert :slight_smile:

Please provide us with more information such as what exactly you have tried and what has gone wrong as well as any error messages you were provided with.