Problem installing in Zorin 8

Hi, I have installed CAVL in Zorin 8. But now, the problem is that

  1. When I run the program for the first time it shows “sqlite driver is not installed”. To which I simply click OK.
  2. Then I found an error “Driver for filesystem not installed” to which I followed some other post and download and replace the Driver. And the problem was solved.
  3. Now, the main problem is that when restart I find the error “COMODO Application is not running!”. And have to run Diagnostics to fix the problem everytime.

Plz. help.

I don’t use Zorin, but you could try (in a terminal):

sudo service cmdavd stop

sudo update-rc.d cmdavd enable

sudo service cmdavd start

and then reboot.

I am a LONG time Comodo user & have finally given up Windows for Zorin. Is there a version of Comodo that will work with Zorin 8? I tried to install Ubuntu version, but gives same error as above. I don’t want to give up my Comodo! TIA