problem installing Core Temp 1.0 RC1


I have a problem installing Core Temp 1.0 RC1

it seems comodo blocks it or thinks its a virus, could anyone confirm or check it out please?


Can you be a little more specific please, maybe some screen shots of what you’re seeing. W3i LLC - the company that makes Core Temp - is on the Trusted vendors list and the exe is signed. I just installed this and saw nothing out of the ordinary…

now try to run the app coretemp.exe, dont you get a virus warning?

You said “installing problem”, not “running”… :wink:
Which one is it?

when I installed as part of the installation I was warned about the virus in the Coretemp.exe file
I think its a FP? how does it work for you?

Nothing on installation and nothing on first run of the application. However, after a reboot there is a ‘cloud’ generated alert suggesting it may be a virus. As I said, the is exe is signed and W3i are on the TVL, so I’d suggest it’s a FP. You can report it AV False Positive/Negative Detection Reporting

ok thank you I will do as you suggested

reported, time passed didnt hear back from you guys, still AV claim it has a virus ?Heur.suspicisous