Problem Installing COMODO Firewall:

I am having a problem re-installing the COMODO Firewall and I am posting this issue on the General Discussion Board because I could not find “New Topic” buttons on the Internet Security Board. This morning I realized that COMODO Firewall was MIA on my computer. I don’t know what happened, but the program is no longer there. I attempted to download and install COMODO Firewall again, but during the installation, my computer showed a message that I need to uninstall the existing COMODO Firewall. I went to the Control Panel and saw that COMODO Dragon, Geek Buddy and Internet Security were there but not the Firewall. I installed the three abovementioned programs and tried installing the Firewall again but I got the same message. I went back to the Control Panel, Uninstall Programs, but there are no COMODO programs there. Right now I am using the Windows Firewall but I would like to get the COMODO Firewall back. Can anyone tell me how to install the program without getting the message that I need to uninstall the existing program? Thanks in advance for any and all replies/suggestions.

Hi Referee06,
In your start menu do you see ‘All Programs > COMODO > COMODO Internet Security > Add and Remove Components’?
Switch Between Complete CIS Suite and Individual Components (just AV or FW)