Problem Installation

After installing Comodo Firewall Pro v3, I noticed when I run the diagnostics I get a “Problem with installation dialog box.” Please see attached.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Are you using any Download Managers? Windows Vista users sometimes get this problem, if they don’t run the setup “As Administrator”.

Anyway… Are you trying to download and install the latest version which is v3.0.14.276?

Try uninstalling, Reboot. Then install it again and see what happens.


Yes I am using Download Accelerator Plus, and yes the version I’m installing is Comodo Firewall Pro v3.0.14.276. I’ve already tried uninstalling, reboot and reinstall, it hasn’t changed anything. Which “setup” are you referring to when you say "run the setup “As Administrator?” Download Accelerator Plus or Comodo Firewall Pro?

Thanks for your response.