Problem in my comodo firewall

For the past few months i was using the comodo firewall it was great to use the firewall the. But now i got error while trying to launch the comodo firewall application form comodo launch pad. Error message says “Error:ID = 4 C:\Documents and Settings\N.RAJKUMAR\Application Data\Comodo\PersonalFirewall\Data\ResFiles\act_but_r.bmp” and i could’nt use the firewall any more. Please help me out.

I tried to uninstall the launchpad and installed once again it works perfectly, but after updating the firewall the same problem persists with the application.

Please help me out with this.

This sounds like the CPF installation is corrupt. Normally I would suggest a uninstall & re-install of CPF.

But, are you confusing Comodo Launch Pad (CLP) with Comodo Personal Firewall (CPF)?

Which version of CPF did you think you had installed (if you can remember)? Also, what is the EXE called that you’re using to re-install launchpad (CPF or CLP?)?


Welcome. You may want to uninstall CPF and the launchpad that you have and download and install the newest version of CPF.

If you want to backup your firewall settings,2366.0.html .
Then download the newest version of CPF (which no longer includes launchpad), uninstall launchpad and CPF and install the newest version of CPF. You can then merge your previous program settings if they are important to you and finally check for updates.

You should now have CPF

From yesterday i am having this problem. I was not receiving any alert messages, since the application was not able to launch. But i unistalled and installed three times. But it did not work out.

I installed the CPF_Setup_2.0.0.0 it worked perfectly and i was able to see the application. After this i got all the alert messages. Then i tried to updated the firewall. After updating the firewall . I got the problem application could’nt launch.

I think their is a problem in this path “C:\Documents and Settings\N.RAJKUMAR\Application Data\Comodo\PersonalFirewall\Data\ResFiles”. In this ResFiles folder their is file called act_but_r.bmp, because of this even the new version application is not opening. I tried to installed the new version the firewall got installed into the system after installing the system restarted and the application is unable to launch the application shows error message in my document and setting. Even i tried my best to delete this folder after unistalling the firewall. I think the particaular file got corrupted.

Woah… that is really old version of CPF you have there. As munckman said, CPF doesn’t require CLP any more. So, unless you run any other Comodo products, you can uninstall Launch Pad & forget about that. My guess is that they didn’t think anybody would be attempting an update with such an old version - they are obviously incompatible in some way.

Right, uninstall CPF. Download & install this version of CPF ( This should hopefully sort everything out.