problem I'm having with IceDragon

Had anyone experience the problem I’m having with Icedragon.

The Problem I’m starting to get is when I open any webpage half of the Icons do not appear, and sometimes only getting half of page.

I have uninstalled Flashplayer and put it back and I’m still getting the same issue.

Therefore, what I did I copy the links of the pages I was viewing into Internet Explorer and I was able to the pages with no other Problem.

Therefore, if anybody has the same issue as me then there is an issue with Icedragon



Hi Nige_40,
Are you running any 3rd party ad or script blocking extensions?

Also try disabling any other 3rd party extensions in case of a compatibility issue.

Arrr I see the issue now. It seemed to be Ghostery which is an Extension. They must have done an updated of their system and they stuck in a Flash Killer/Silverlight killer when you shut down a webpage, but it was defaulted so I uninstalled it and I have no other problem.

Thanks Captainsticks for your advice.



What I have done now is moved from Ice Dragon onto the Normal Dragon and put Ghostery back on and I can run any page with no Problem. So must be something with that Extension that Ice dragon don’t like. ?

anyway I will leave it for now.



Typo error fixed.

Thanks for posting back, it does appear as if some issue between the two.
We never know what the future will bring. :wink:

Your Welcome Captiansticks,

I was glad to test between the 2 mighty dragons :wink:

But I kind of a agree with you on, We will never know on what the future will bring :slight_smile:

Kind Regards