Problem finding a member in the "members list"

When I attempted to register with my preferred user name of “Xandros” it was rejected with statement that the name already was in use. It’s a rather unusual name and I thought maybe I had registered with it several years ago when I used Comodo Firewall. After successfully registering with a different name I tried searching the member list… search results stated there was no match for “Xandros”. Then, I tried browsing the list… I started with the section for names beginning with “X” and could see the first page of those names… but, there seems to be no way to advance (either forward or backward) 1 screen at a time.

The username is that which you login with. The display name (e.g. Zander) is the name that appears in the member list. It’s entirely possible that your preferred username is already taken by another member as it is a fairly common name.

Does this help?

Hi Zander,
Just to add to Sal Amanders comments username ‘xandros’ is in use, this may or may not belong to yourself from 2011.

Clicking on the page numbers of the member list will scroll forwards or backwards.

The IP and email is different to what you are using now.
Please check your ■■■.

Hope that helps.