Problem. Error 1053

Okay i’m at my wits end here. Today. Something glitched out on my system and while that was resolved, something seems to have affected comodo. It won’t runb. ON start up it sais it failed to start and offers to run diagnostic. But the diagnostics don’t run either.

When I try to start the service manually from the service manager I get an error:
Error 1053: “The service did not respond in a timely fashion” when attempting to start, stop or pause a service

So of course my first thought was repair but that’s the trick the utility only offers the option of changing certain things and uninstalling but it says the installation cannot be repaired.

So my next step was unnstall and reinstall. SImple…
Did it once, the problem persisted
did it a second time and and used the removal tool provided on these forums for good measure . Th Then reinstalled. The problem persisted

So I decide to go nuclear. I uninstall, Run the removal tool then comb the registry for every key with the word COmodo in it and delete it. Then I delete every file and folder with the world comodo from my system. Then I reinstall. and the problem is still there…

TMy OS ix XP SP3 and the version of CIS is 8.4 because as has been mentioned in other thried the 10.x line has rather half assed XP support and gen erally just causes a lot of restarting.

What the hell is going on here?

OH and on a side note. Comodo really needs to decouple itself from, Geekbuddy. I actually made use of them anbd be ■■■■■■ if they weren’t completely 100% usekless. No help no advice. Just mentioned you’re xpo… and that I need to upgrade…Being associated with a piece of data mining like that can’t be good for your rep.