problem encountered: CID v49.0.0.2 FEBE profile bkup

Ran FEBE before clicking the download button in the update-bar of CID v49.0.0.2 and it could not find location of:

  • ComodoSecureBox{0.0.1}.xpi
  • DragAndDrop{2.1}.xpi
  • Multi-processstagedrollout{1.2}.xpi
  • Pocket{1.0.4}.xpi
  • WebCompat{1.0}.xpi
  • Can’t find user-defined backup file C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Comodo\IceDragon\Profiles\febeprof.default\febeUserDefinedBuData.json

Quite Frank: I don’t know what these things are, ‘ceptin’ the last one; its the default - no nothing - profile. That’s virgin territory and so its gots no FEBE to begin with to do a bkup. But I digress; as I splained previously, my big-tabbed session profile failed the update; it crapped out on the relaunch after clicking the reload / relaunch button; after relaunching it manually, the ‘download’ button was still evident on the update-bar and my restore previous session option was greyed out.

So I launched the other custom UI profile session from icon, and the update went like butter. Then I restored the big-tabbed session FEBE profile into that profile from the currently - now updated - CID little-tabbed custom-GUI/extension/plugin session. When I launched the big-tabbed session icon it looks like I’m up to snuff - v50.0.0.2 - and have all the current extensions / plugins / Stylish mods, et ali, including all 970 tabs and associated back / fwd history. :o

But what 'bout the stuff FEBE couldn’t find? I looked into Comod SecureBox and I’m wanting that, no? Even if so, what about the other XPI it couldn’t find? And why the XPI - Mozilla installers - FEBE can’t find if these are foundational to CID?