Problem downloading from Comodo

I have had problems for several months downloading from Comodo, now the downloads I am trying fail. Comodo Dragon 14.0 I finally downloaded from Cnet Downloads and after several times per day of trying I finally downloaded Dragon 14.1 from MajorGeeks with no problem.

FasterMaster like Dragon will slow down till it gets between 200 and 50 B/s and time out. If the file does complete after 5-7 retries the installer has always been corrupted.

This is using both Dragon and IE and am using SecureDns (It also failed using OpenDNS and AutoSelect.
Currently using Windows Firewall and secondary security programs Malwarebytes, SuperAntispyware, Emsisoft, and Hitman Pro in Services.msc those listed are set to manual.

I am sure its something simple and silly but I have not found the cause yet.
Thanks for any suggestions.


FollowUp both files downloading from Comodo start at medium speed and then get sloweR, slowER, sloWER, slOWER, sLOWER and SLOWER. when it shows B/s it goes from 1 a sec to 1 every 15-20 sec. and eventually times out. 380 B/s shows 17 hours for completion !

The speed from my ISP is supposed to be 12 Mbps my adpater shows a variation from 54 high to usually 46 and 38Mbps, a few tmes a low of 24 Mbps. It is an older router located in another structure located 100 to 125 feet away.

Since I can download Dragon with no problems from MajorGeeks and Cnetdownloads, I doubt the above would be the reason I cannot finnish any downloads of Dragon or Faster Master directly from Comodo. The constant restarts is probably why I get the error when I the install failure for Faster Master.

Again any suggestions will be appreciated

Another followup.

I have finally been able to dowload Comodo Dragon 14.2 and Faster Master directly from Comodo.

For a year when setting up IE or Dragon I selected neither as the primary browser and had no problems with downloads from Comodo. But selecting Dragon as the primary Browser, has allowed me to complete the download, although at extremely slow ending speedss.
Current test of Master Blaster download shows download speed of 380 B/s 8 hours remaining.

Not sure what I did but opening Dragon had MSN home page only showing Links instead of the usual Images on the screen. Fixed that by Opening Dragon as administrator and since then a regular click opening the Home page opens as it should.

Still hoping for some suggestions about the extreme slow down near the end of a download !