Problem downloading firewall

I’ve just been recommended to use Comodo security systems for my Computer, tried to download the free firewall but microsoft say’s the page can’t be displayed. error code http 403 comes up which they say that i’ve not got permission to view that site or i should log in first. Any suggestions would be great.



Is it possible you can pass me the URL that you received the error on?

If you can try and dowload the firewall again, it may have been a temporary issue.


Hi Nick,
I copied the download link on the page Download English Version of Comodo Firewall Pro 2.4 (Size:7.57MB) is this what you wanted?


Thanks Wacki - that was the URL.

Are you still getting the error at all? We have recently switched to a different system for handling the downloads, so that each user is redirected to the download from the (geographically) nearest server that has the correct file.
It may have been that you caught us during the brief changeover.

Let me know if it persists.