Problem connecting to the network destination

After installing Comodo Back-up to a Windows 7 Home 64-bit machine, I attempted to back it up to a 2nd drive of another Windows 7 Home 64-bit computer on my home network. I can see the drive in the Windows Explorer and have full read/write access to it. It is also mapped. Yet I could not browse to it within Comodo. I selected “Clone” to the network destination. My other computers appeared in the window (I have 3 total). When I clicked on the “+” next to the computer I intended to use, it said “wait” under it. So, I waited and waited, but the drives of that computer never appeared. It just said “wait”. What might be the problem?
Could it be that I have full read/write, but not administrative control?
Could this be that UAC issue discussed in another thread here?
Could I just select a mapped network drive under My Computer for the destination?


Cloning is available only to local (internal/external) disks and it can’t be performed over network.
Please post a screen-shot of the issue.

Mapped network drives are not visible if UAC is enabled.
To make them visible you need to remap them in administrator context (Run cmd.exe as administrator) or disable UAC.


Cloning is available only to local (internal/external) disks and it can't be performed over network. Please post a screen-shot of the issue.
Emanuel, Here is the screenshot:

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thanks for the screenshot.
This is a bug in CB.

I suggest you use backup as CBU file over network.
Cloning is a sector-by-sector copy of a disk/partition to another disk/partition so any existing files on destination disk/partiton will be overwritten. This cannot be performed over network.
CBU file backup of a disk/partition is a sector-by-sector copy to an image file. Other existing files on destination will not be overwritten. This can be performed over network.


I was able to get the mapped network drives to appear under My Computer by allowing full control of them via the network. So, just out of curiosity: can cloning be done to a mapped network drive, or will CB know that it is still a network drive, even though it appears under My Computer?

No. Cloning is not possible because there isn’t a physical disk on the Computer associated with that drive.