problem connecting to internet after installing CIS

hi it’s me ;D

i got this question from a fellow indonesian,he just installed CIS recently.

OS = XP pro SP2
CIS 3.1 latest

[b]open VPN is already connected but there's no connection for virtual lan tap win32 v8 so my browser won't work.[/b]
whatever that means 88) so....with this limited information, can anyone help? if you need more info pls do tell

thx a lot! :-TU


If there’s no connection for the TAP, there’s no VPN.

Ask him if he can coonect without CIS installed. If he can, then get him to reinstall CIS and ensure that he responds correctly to the prompts about detected networks.

Alternatively, manually create a profile for the TAP adaptor.

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i don’t think reinstalling could fix it.
he first installed an old CFP 3 (and then got the problem). so i told him to remove his old CFP & install the latest CIS (and still got the same problem).

but i’ll tell him.thx :slight_smile:

What is TAP? Just curious.

TUN and TAP are acronyms for logical network adaptors. TUNs andTAPs operate at different layers of the stacks.

From Wikipedia
In computer networking, TUN and TAP are virtual network kernel drivers. They implement network devices that are supported entirely in software, which is different from ordinary network devices that are backed up by hardware network adapters.

TAP (as in network tap) simulates an Ethernet device and it operates with layer 2 packets such as Ethernet frames. TUN (as in network TUNnel) simulates a network layer device and it operates with layer 3 packets such as IP packets. TAP is used to create a network bridge, while TUN is used with routing.
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