Problem - Comodo with WebTracker

Does anyone have any experience with a keystroke logging product, called WebWatcher, as relaed to Comodo? I installed WebWatcher for our daughter’s protection. WebWatcher blocks “bad” websites and tracks computer and internet activity.
Even though all of the WebWatcher associated .dll’s are listed as “allow” in Comodo, Comodo keeps poping its window up, saying that this app could be a keystroke logging program (which it is) and asks for approval. This can happen up to 10 times with each page load and makes it pretty much impossible to access any website (using IE).
Any thoughts much appreciated. Thanks!


If you are using CFP V3 BETA, you could set up a custom policy for WebWatcher, that allows it to interact iwth the keyboard.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Looks like I am on I will look into the Beta and give that a try. Thanks for your suggestion!