Problem: Comodo Firewall is "Auto Off" on Win2003 TS [Resolved in v3]


I’m running Comodo Firewall on Windows Server 2003 (no service packs). The problem comes when more than 1 user is logged to the server via Terminal Services. For every next user logged to the computer Comodo interface shows that all modules are Off.

Steps to reproduce the problem:

  1. Install Comodo Firewall on Windows 2003
  2. Network monitor is configured to be ‘Turned On’, rest of modules are ‘Turned Off’
  3. Log onto computer and open Comodo Firewall Interface, Summary Page; at this moment it’s ok, shows that Network Monitor is On
  4. Wthiout logging off the 1st user (p.3) log onto computer as some different user and open Comodo Firewall Interface; for this 2nd user it shows that every module is Off

Is this situation Ok?
Is firewall software still active in spite of interface reports everything’s off?
Is firewall software still active when no users is logged to the computer?
Is firewall software still active when several users is logged to the computer via Terminal Services?

I really love interface of Comodo Firewall (L) and i really don’t want to look for alternative or use Windows firewall. My server is to be in production in next 1-2 days so i’m really looking forward for your reply if Comodo Firewall is designed to be used with server OS.

So far i’ve been able to test it works ok for me and protects computer even if there is no users logged in or in spite of errorneous reports from the interface, but i really need to be sure that my computer is protected so it’ll be nice to hear a confirmation or denial from developers.

Many thanks!

lysy95, your case is like this one:,6389.0.html. We’ve yet to see an answer or solution from dev team. I think when the monitors are off, it’s a sign that the cmdmon.sys driver is disabled.

Following the links, one user reported that Support was able to confirm the results, and there would be a fix in Version 3. The user did not, however, say what (or if) they indicated the problem was; just that it would be fixed.

I realize that’s not much help, but it should provide some hope, anyway.


Any reply is a hope by itself based on Comodo’s history of fixing issues and such :slight_smile: (except my tickets, but that’s a different story)

Thank you very much for your replies!

Just if it adds something to the case:

  1. if i log off all the users and then log back to the system even without rebooting it, interface reports that Network Monitor is running again
  2. for every next user all modules are Off as it’s stated above, but for the 1st logged user it remains On
  3. also when i try to access the system from different locations it works as expected, i.e. disabled networks are disabled and enabled are enabled all right even if interface reports Network Monitor is Off
  4. no other firewall software or IP filtering is enabled
  5. AVG Anti-Spy is installed on that system
  6. after installing AVG Anti-Spy i’ve experienced some very strange problem when network connection disabled itself by some magic while AVG Anti-Spy was performing system scan; it was just a single case, i’m not sure neither of reasons nor of sympthoms, but is there any chance that Comodo Firewall conflicts with AVG Anti-Spy?

But after i read that thread, i’d better postpone till it’s confirmed to be not a bug or fixed. Still (L), excellent UI!

Thanks again!

Since all the other reported cases seem to be with XP and you’re on 2003 Server, will you report this info to Support; this might be good for them to know, to make sure all aspects of it are covered. You might include a link to this topic, for their reference.


PS: And be sure to let us know their response.

Aha, done.

Sure, will report the result.


I just realized you’re on 2003 Server (soyabeaner pointed it out to me). This is a 64Bit platform, isn’t it?

If so, 64Bit isn’t yet supported… Version 3, due out soon for beta testing, will be 64Bit & Vista ready. At present, only 32Bit works right…


There you go! Might as well wait until the big 3 to roll out all at the same time :slight_smile:

It’s 32 bit.

Looking forward for Version 3.

Reading through your first post, it seems that we missed out on the fact that at least your Network Monitor is enabled at some point, proving that is compatible.

I think even LM (and others) have this program without any conflicts. If you notice it again, open a new thread and continue from there.

Tnx for the info; good to know W2K3 has both platforms… I had to look up some stuff on MS, and saw where they rolled it out stating it was one of a kind, with 64Bit and Net 1.1; didn’t say anything about 32Bit (must’ve been an oversight…).

I don’t use AVG anti-spy, but I think others do, without problem. Could’ve been some other issue that happened to occur at the same time. I’d definitely watch if it happens again, and try to document what was occurring at the time.


Got reply from support team.

In short, it’s “wait for the Version 3”. The Version 3 beta should be available around April 2007.

Thanks for the update, lysy95. Then it looks like the same issue for the log on/off issue disabling the monitors. Good to know it’s the same issue in order to solve all possible causes.

I’ll edit the topic as resolved since we know the solution will arrive in the next version. Feel free to contact (pm) a mod if you need to open this.