Problem at startup


Comodo Antivirus is launched at computer startup.
Several times, I got an error message when I tried to show comodo antivirus by right click on the icon in the systray :
Comodo AntiVirus
error number STSU440
Automation error

On main screen, all services were turned off. When I wanted to turn on :

  • “On access”, I got an error number ST6AC017 unable to perform requested operation
  • “Incoming” and “Outgoing” error number STESC017 unable to …
  • “Auto Updater” error number STAUC017 unable to …

I thought it was because I started my PC from a limited account. I’ve modified this account to administrator. And the same messages appear when I started from the same account.

Can someone tell me what these errors mean and why I received them ?

The solution I’ve used : remove Comodo Antivirus and install Avast.

Sounds to me like CAVS is detecting a windows file as a non safe component, and blocking it? ???

i got this same error number STSU440 Automation error on a new install of win xp pro sp2 fully updated.