Problem: Ask toolbar loaded but SafeSurf toobar did not Install

I searched the forums for a solution to my problem, but did not find one. My appologies if I missed it.

System: XP SP3, Avast! anitvirus prgm, Spyware Terminator–without Web Security Guard.

I loaded Comodo Firewall Pro and neither the Ask Toolbar, nor the SafeSurf Toolbar was installed. So I removed the program (using Windows add/remove program), re-downloaded the program, closed Avast! & put Spyware Terminator in "Install mode, and reinstalled the program. Unfortunately, the Ask Toolbar loaded, but I don’t have a SafeSurf Toolbar. Can someone tell me what I may have done wrong, and tell me how to obtain the SafeSurf Toolbar? Thanks, Risa

The safe surf and ask toolbar are the same I believe. BTW Spyware Terminator is bloated junk and you dont need it cause Avast has spyware protection. Read here for the toolbar. I actually dont use the toolbar.

Thank you Vettetech for your prompt reply. I read the link you provided. Since I posted, there are further (and I think positive) developments.

I ran Spy Terminator to make sure my computer was clean, and it listed 1 file & 1 process related to the Ask Toolbar as suspect. So I quarantined them.

Now I don’t have the AsK Toolbar, nor do I have it listed in the Windows add/remove program. (I do still have the folder & files in my Programs directory, though). That’s fine because I didn’t want the Ask Toolbar! And I have Comodo SafeSuf in the taskbar tray, apparently running properly! (There are"exit" “about comodo safesurf” “check for updates” and “Settings”" commands when I right click on the icon.) So it seems I now have what I want: no Ask Toolbar, & SafeSurf!

Are the Ask Toolbar and the SafeSurf Toolbar really one and the same? Can SafeSurf run without the Ask/SafeSurf Toolbar? Is this set-up likely to cause instabilities? Perhaps this will provide a solution for others who want SafeSurf without the Ask toolbar. All opinions are welcomed! Best, Risa

PS I only have Spy Terminator installed because someone told me Avast didn’t guard agains adware and spyware. If I don’t need it, I certainly don’t want it! However, it does ask whether I want to allow certain actions much more frequently than Comodo Firewall Pro. In fact CFP has been remarkably silent, though it tells me “All systems are active and running.” Argh!

What happened is that Spyware Terminator gave you a false positive. The toolbar you installed is safe but Spyware Terminator thinks it isnt. Alot of other programs are also having this false positive with the toolbar. UnQuarantine the toolbar from Spyware Terminator and your problem will be gone after you reboot. The reason you dont have the toolbar is that you told Spyware Terminator to quarantine it. Once again I cannt stress to dump Spyware Terminator. Its eats up resources and slows your overall pc performance. Using Avast and Comodo with D+ active is good enough protection. Scan once a week with SuperAntiSpyware and Malware Bytes and you will be just fine.

Thanks again Vettetech. I will remove Spy Terminator after I un-quarentine the file/process., and re-boot. Best, Risa

Your welcome let me know what happens. (R) (CLY) :BNC

Just a quick update. I un-quarantined the Ask Toolbar files, rebooted, uninstalled Spy Terminator and installed SuperAntiSpyware (freeware) in its place. Everything works great! I have the Ask Toolbar and SafeSurf operating. You were right Vettetech, ST was slowing down my computer; it runs much faster now. Woo Hoo!–and thanks!

Risa (:LOV)