problem after updating to

Two days ago, I updated to from After rebooting :
The CPF alert box poped up saying that several files were trying to access the internet thru (explorer ie; I believe) , all of which the Alert stated were possible “Keyloggers”, one of those programs I could swear said “cpf” something or another.
At least one program, WinDV would not open at all.

After I used True Image to get rid of and restore a backup with, everything was back to normal and working correctly. I tried the update twice with the same bad results. The first update was done thru the popup auto update, the second was done by clicking on the updater button within CPF.

Any thoughts, help. advice ?
Let me know if I have to install again, and this time, write down exactly what pops ups and says exactly what.

Why don’t you do a clean re-install. Uninstall the CPF you have and install the new CPF.

cheers, rotty

Rotty : I must have been doing something wrong. I just updated CPF to on my backup computer. All is well so far.
So after a fresh restore from True Image, I did the same on my main pc. All is well so far.

Most of the time, I like to figure out what I did wrong, so I can avoid making the same mistake in the future. This time, I think I will let the sleeping dog ly.

This time around, I used the Updater off of the CPF GUI. Not the popup box asking me if I want to update. I do not think it made a difference. Who knows?
btw: I swear I wasn’t drinking or smoking anything (:AGL)

If you ever have problem with an in-program updator, just do a clean - reinstall if that doesn’t work then i would complain (-: . Updaters seem to work most of the time but dealing with low level stuff with firewalls drivers and TCP/IP stack entries i think i feel more comfortable with a clean install.

cheers, rotty