Problem accessing a network folder

I can’t seem to access one of my other computer’s network folder with the firewall on(it doesn’t pick it up). I tried turning it off and it picked it up just fine. How do I make it where I can see it with the firewall on? Thanks!

Do you mean when computer B has the firewall off you can access the network folder on computer B from computer A? Or when computer A firewall is off you can access the folder on computer B? Or, when the firwall on both A and B is off you can access the network folder on B.

It’s when computer A with the firewall cannot see computer B’s folder. Once computer A’s firewall(comodo) is turned off then the folder shows up. So I was trying to see how I can access computer B without turning off A’s firewall

What version of CIS are you using and what are your application rules for System and svchost.exe? Both System and svchost should at the very least have an Allow TCP/UDP Out From IP Any To IP Any Source Port Any Destination Port Any rule. That should work and I believe you dont need an allow In rule if you are only trying to access a network share on another computer.

I have the latest version. The previous one I didn’t have the problem. I have svchost and system blocked when it asked since I wasn’t sure what it was.

Start with making svchost outgoing only and see what happens.

You can’t see the folder with the firewall on?
You can see the folder with the Firewall of?

Can you access the folder with the firewall on?

Like: \\c$ or \\folder name

If you can access the folder but can’t see it, it’s just because the Firewall is blocking NetBIOS over IP, without the NetBIOS Broadcast Windows is blind, if you have a private LAN not a big deal, turn it on, if you are directly connected to the NET leave it off, since everyone can see the folder otherwise…