Problem about malsware

I am an Android developer, and my app has list as malware by Comodo Mobile Security, so I want to know what’s wrong about my application, thanks

the apk is attached, please rename it as “.apk” Thank you very much

[attachment deleted by admin]

Any one can help me?

Hi, your app are detected as PUP. We will add a white list in next version, and keep your app in that list if your app is really not a malware. :slight_smile:

hi sai:
Thank you for your help, and I want to know when will you release a new version of CMS? My apk is refused by some Market for this reason.

Several days.
But, infact, there are some other antivirus will detect your app as PUP as well…

I have tested several antivirus, like LBE, it’s all ok.
which antivirus do you know weill will detect my app as PUP ?