Probem updating the AV

Is anyone else experiencing problems with automatic signature updates? After my April 30 post I was finally able to get my updates working again, but then beginning around 3:00 AM (CST) began getting the 0x80072ee2 errors and haven’t been able to update the virus signatures since then. Now I am getting a warning from Window Security Manager that Comodo is out of date. When I downloaded the latest bases.cav file from the database download page and tried installing the signatures I get another error “There is a bad version number in the file”. Manually installing the bases.cav file did work last week but not today.

So what do I do now? I am not eager to go through uninstalling and re-installing again.

Is anyone else experiencing similar problems?

I split and moved your post from the “Comodo AV Database update page” topic and moved it to the AV Help board.

[at]MikeO232: Does my post here solve your problem?

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