Probable Bug (port knocking)

I’ve discovered what is likely to be a bug in Comodo, although I experienced similar problems with earlier versions.
It concerns the use of port knocking clients that send a rapid series of tcp packets to a remote host to open up a cloaked port. What I see is that it doesn’t work most of the time. However, occasionally it does work. I notice that the times it works the system is under load and is likely slowing down the execution of the program. The fact that it sometimes works suggests to me that my settings are correct and that Comodo’s Application monitor has a problem with the rapid execution of the program.

Some more info:
I have created rules in the Application monitor to allow the program to send it’s data. I have created TCP/UDP out rules to any destination/any port for both knock.exe (the client program), and the batch files that calls knock.exe.

Also, by turning off the Application monitor, knock will work every time. As expected turning off the network monitor has no effect.

Also note that even I set the Alert Frequency to Very High does not show that knock (or anything) was blocked.