proactive security

hi.yesterday comodo mysteriously prevented me from shutting down my stated i didnt have permissions to do also occured when trying to open task using a default install with proactive security.i changed this to internet security and the problem was soon as i return to proactive it happened again.i used a system restore point and this resolved the problem.i hadnt touched the settings at this a bug.could somebody help please?thank you.

Perhaps you blocked part of Windows Explorer or some operating system file. Check your Computer Security Policy when under Proactive Security.

At least I think you have to be under Proactive Security to check it.

When System Restore solved it I think it is most likely a settings problem. CIS stores its rules in the registry; so when applying System Restore you will get the rules of around the time of the system restore point.

Does the same thing happen now when you switch to Proactive again? it hasnt happened again.Im glad to say comodo is running sweetly.i think what it was,i went tinkering with some settings just to see what things do and i must have inadvertently changed something.Thank you for your advice.take care. >:-D :ilovecomodo:

this is why I personally say is to use comodo just like it comes from the install the protection is optimal as it can be while still letting you use your computer.

thanks languy99.I saw your video on the default installation and got a maximum score in the leaktest. Its just a shame there isnt some form of reset button within comodo to go back to default settings in case people change and re-configure settings later on…thanks again. (:CLP)