Proactive security and "Installer - Updater mode"

Hello ,
Sorry to bother you again,

To make a long story “short” I need to reinstall the
configuration ( in the title) but even if I did before, I
don’t remember how…
Right now I’m using Proactive security with password
the only thing missing is what you see in the title:
" installer and Updater Mode "

Would you please help me again?
X’ cuse my english, I’m french .

Thank You :SMLR

You may want to try Configuring CIS for Maximum Security with ZERO Alerts for inspiration.

Thanks a million,

That’s exactely what I was looking for! :ilovecomodo:

Youre great! :-TU

See you later when I’ll be stucked again,LOL

Keep us posted when needed…:-TU