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I am new to the forum and am getting confused with the pending files waiting for my review. I had 380 and used purge which got rid of 76. I now have 304 files. Could you tell me what to do now. I have tried to check the box but it will not let me.

Many thanks,

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Welcome to the forum Rheal :slight_smile:
The easy way to treat pending files is purge like you have already done.
Then tick top box(which ticks all boxes) in left top corner do lookup then you will be alerted to submit unknown files some are not sent as they already have them.
Then tick the top box again click remove this only clears the list.
Edit After lookup it says moving safe files to safe file list this does not always happen.

I have tried to tick the box on the lleft hand side but it will not accept it.

Any suggestions please?


You should tick at the small box beside ‘All’ which should select all the files by a single click. You can also manually select each of the files, which could, however, be tedious. That should get selected if you set defence+ in ‘Clean PC Mode’.

Thanks Layman.

I cannot even tick/check the small box next to all.

Just wondering whether I should uninstall then reinstall Comodo Security Suite again.

Just check your defence+ security level. The pending files can only be selected when you are in Clean PC Mode.

Right click on CIS tray icon>Defense+ Security Level>Clean PC Mode

If it is in Safe Mode or any other mode… Change it to Clean PC mode. You should be able to select it.

By The Way, can u select these files manually??? Clicking on the box beside the file names\path?

No Layman, cannot select the files manually I get the following message (see screenshot).


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Did you make sure you have D+ in Clean PC Mode before you try to select the boxes?
see attachment.

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Yes, it is set to Clean PC Mode, but I still cannot check any boxes. Just keep getting the message to select files.

Hi. I have a problem similar to this. Before I got messages when ever Defense+ noticed anything suspicious happening, but now these alerts have stopped showing for some reason and because of this my pending files list is growing continuously.

Now Defence+ stops programs without notice, and places them in the pendling files list. What do I do to get these alerts back?? It is very annoying to have to open that list every time I feel that something is not working right!

Switch to Safe Mode instead of Clean PC mode.