Proactive Defense Question [Resolved]

I leave the Proactive Defense to inactive. I don’t want to be bothered with all the extra pop ups . Is this safe to do?

Hey there, are you referring to Defense+ when you say Proactive Defense? If so, and I think that you are, there seems to be a consensus that leaving Defense+ off is associated with failing the leak tests posted on Comodo download page ( on the left hand side). To answer your question then, it depends on a variety of things, your surfing habits, etc. but one would get more protection out of Version 3 by leaving defense+ enabled.

Having said that, it is possible to run version 3 and leave defense+ enabled thereby getting maximum protection while still receiving very few popups. To do this: Go to the defense+ tab at the top, defense+ settings (the very bottom link), and choose either Clean PC Mode or Training Mode. In my opinion, Clean PC mode gives the best balance between few popups and protection. If this does not satisfy you, I believe training mode will offer fewer popups over all. Using Clean PC mode every action of “safe” executables are learned by defense+ and all executables in the fixed drives are assumed safe.

In addition, if you are annoyed by the “balloon popups” that pop up from time to time, you may go to miscellaneous, settings tab, and uncheck “show balloon messages”. I think this will eliminate them for you. Haven’t tried it myself though.

Hope this helps



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