Proactive Defense - files waiting for review

I have 610 files waiting for review. I have submitted them to Comodo, all are safe or already there, and the window has closed. What do I do now as the Poractive Defense still says I have 610 files waiting for review?

The process for dealing with My Pending Files is:
Purge the list (select all and click Purge). This removes files that are no longer present.
Lookup the list - checks with CFP’s online database for safe files.
Submit files. I don’t submit any installers or files larger than about 3 Mb, but that is just my preference.
Finally, select any files you don’t feel need more investigation and click Remove. This just clears them from the list.
I keep trying to suggest that they automate the process. That way, you would have a list of new files and a Pending Files list that is cleared as the submitted files are ok’ed.

i found a temporary solution for this - you should open up pending list, purge, then select all and lookup, then, when comodo asks about submitting, press NO to clear the list from already-safe files. Then AGAIN lookup and press YES when asked about submission. Then select all and remove or add them to your safe files.

have a read

I have noticed that after a lookup, safe files are NOT removed from the pending file list if any of the files selected are “unknown”. If the selected files are all safe these then the selected files are removed from the pending files list. Has anyone else noticed this or do I have a bad installation?

One more item. On the Miscellaneous>Settings page on the Update tab, you should uncheck the third box - something about automatically submitting Pending list files - if you want to control which files are submitted.
My pending files list behaves the same as yours - except I have never seen a list where all the files were safe.