proactive defense files waiting for review & parameters incorrect

I noticed that on the summary screen in the “proactive defense” section it states that there are files waiting for review. However, when I click to see the files after the screen for populating pending list is complete I get a screen stating the parameter is incorrect and there is nothing listed. The same thing happens if I go to Defense+ and select the “my pending files” in the common tasks.

Why do I keep getting a screen stating that the parameters are incorrect. And how do I fix this problem?

I also noticed that in the Network Defense section of the summary screen it states that the firewall has blocked 47 intrusion attempts so far. 0 outbound connections and 0 inbound connections. How do I go about seeing what the 47 intrusion attempts have been. (Just before coming online about the "parameters are incorrect problem there were less than 15 intrusion attempts.)