Proactive Defence Stats

Hi guys noob here. spent the last hour searching for the answer to my probs and to be perfectly honest even more confused know hope someone out their can help.

Im running Comodo Firewall 3.12.111745.560 and in the stats on the from page under the proactive Defence, it would appear the defence+ is blocking a trusted operation?

the counter reads 2021 suspicious attempts (and rising) !!! how do I stop this and tell this silly program that that piece of software is ok to access the memory?

The Event Log is as follows:

Application Action Target
C:.…\Performancemanager.exe Access Memory C:.…\COMODO internet Security\cfp.exe

Cheers Guys


I sorted it, thanks in advance…now can anyone tell me why a Manufacture bundled monitoring software would want to access the COMODO cfp.exe ??? from what I can tell the monitoring software is only for operation of keyboard sortcuts ???

Very Strange.

Cheers Jim

Both Comodo and your program are monitoring the same thing. Since Comodo is self protecting, anything that wants to share is blocked as a potential threat. Adding your program to the protection exceptions resolves this.

Thanks John, I was being a bit dim with my first post and eventually worked out i had to add my program to the cfp.exe exception.

Cheers J