Pro to Premium

I mistakenly selected ‘Pro’ when I installed CIS on my laptop. I’m now getting harassed with an orange “Needs Attention” warning and pop-up dialogs asking me to renew my license.
I do not want to pay for the Pro version and would rather have Premium as I do on my other computers.
As there are no options as far as I can see to downgrade my installation, do I have to reinstall the package over the top (saving my configuration)?
I’ve tried to search here for the answer but the forum’s search facility is woefully poor as always.

Yes. There is probably a faster way but not officially supported. No time to check.

Export configuration, export file list (might not be necessary due to next step), uninstall current package > select “I want to reinstall it”
Install premium package, import

OK, I’ll do that, thanks.