Pro-Syrian-Government Malware undetected by comodo

here’s the article I found in this website about the pro syrian malaware…

there’s virustotal link provided by author…
It seems COMODO didn’t detect it as a malware and only one security software detects it as malware… Can COMODO fix this??

here’s virustotal link;

I’m sure even though its not detected it WOULD be sandboxed. :slight_smile:

Detection is improving…

New malware will often be detected by very few AV’s.

its not a virus and its found by comodo as a virus. its a program called Darkcomet rat. you make a exe file and if u run it the person who made the file will controll your PC. you can use keylogger and make it disable alot of things. it could be nasty but comodo found it and sandboxs it.

Edit: The program was made by french so its not direct a syrian program. homepage to the program the site is not virus. and the program is not a virus as the site says so but antivirus detect it as it can use for proprose to trick people ect. And i can tell you, i have been used this program to have fun alittle bit and its not so hard. its the first time that i hear that a goverment uses it.

If you have a sample please submit it to Comodo.

This is a remote access tool. Not a malware in its self but something that can be categorized under Potentially Unwanted Program.

Sorry EricJH… I don’t have a malware… I just found out the article and posted it here…

Government sponsored malware is hard to detect as they have money to throw around. If they where detectable then the US economy will grow by more than 5% and the Chinese economy around 1 %

Just saying ;D

Governments can acquire unpublished vulnerabilities from Vupen company in France. That gives them a head start.