Pro Helper Service Terminated -

When I opened CFP last night to cleanup my pending files, I discovered that the FW was not running. I looked in the System Log and attach the error reported here. What causes this? How do I restart the FW? Closing and starting from the Start menu is all I could think of because I could not fine an option to start it. I ran the diagnostic but it found nothing. I got no notification that the FW had terminated.
BTW, how can I include this image in my post?
Thanks, John.

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Thanks for your report.
It seems Comodo helper service crashed on your computer. But without a crash dump it’s very hard to determine what caused it. Next time please track down related crash dump by DrWatson if any and attach it here (how to get crash dumps).

To restart Comodo helper service make sure it is not already running in memory (listed as cmdagent.exe under task manager), execute cmdagent.exe, which is located under CFP’ folder.

I actually replied last night and attached a minidump (I think is the correct one), only to discover I could not attach a .dmp file. I changed the file type to .txt and tried again but was told I had already posted the reply. The forum web site was so slow that I surrendered. I am on a different machine for a few days and don’t have access to the minidump. I should point out that the directions given were confusing. The instructions for how to set the Dr. Watson options differed between the text and the image and my default settings.
If someone will supply me with definitive instructions on how and where to upload my minidump file, I will do it the next time I am on the failing machine.

Can someone tell me how to use the Insert Image to put an image into a post without attaching it?

Thanks, John

Please tell what is confusing so we can try to improve those instructions.

Just pack it in zip or rar format and attach to your post with some description. Or send crash dump(s) to

You can use button “insert image” when writing message. It is located near buttons “bold”, “underline” etc.

Yuriy, thanks for your reply.
I am still have not powered up the machine with the error but I will send the .dmp (as a .zip in this thread) in a few days.

Please tell what is confusing so we can try to improve those instructions.
If you will look at the link you provided me, you will see that the image (screen shot of Dr. Watson) shows Full dump and I assume you really mean Mini. It also shows Dump Symbol Table not checked in contradiction to the text above.
You can use button "insert image" when writing message. It is located near buttons "bold", "underline" etc.
I have no trouble finding the Insert Image button. After I click that, I try to paste an image and the Paste option is not in the right click menu. Ctrl-v also does not work. Usually the format needs to be in HTML to allow images and I cannot determine how to get into HTML mode. Perhaps this is forum inexperience on my part. Is a hosting site required?

Thanks again.

Thanks for the feedback John. Hopefully we will be able to improve “howto”.

Not sure, but i guess hosting site (or image link) is required indeed. At least i was able to insert images without attaching them to post only using something like [img]http://blablabla.gif[/img’]

I have attached the user.dmp file as a .zip file.
Thanks for your help.

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Thanks, John :-TU