Pro 3 and Defense+ / BO-Clean[Info]

Hi All,

Have just upgraded to version 3 of the firewall. Previously running version 2, plus BO-Clean for malware.

A quick question, do I still need to run BO-clean given that Version 3 of the firewall has " defense+ " ??

I’m unsure …



Yes you should still use BOClean. The way it is today we need to have Layered protection… mutiple security programs (but not multiple firewalls or Anti Viruses’s. it will cause conflicts.)

Added the info Tag
leaving open and unlocked for a while


Yep, I was thinking that defense+ would protect key processes and areas etc, whereas BO-clean just handles mal/spyware … sound right ?

Agree, more protection is better !!

Excellent, and thanks for the prompt resonse,


YEs, BOClean handles spyware/malwareand i believe a few trojans. It also does a great job protecting you :slight_smile: (L)