privileged ports

I was looking over the guides here, and was wondering about one point.
In one of the threads it showed to block utorrent from using privileged ports (good idea)

It mentioned that the privileged ports range was 1-1024, as I was looking around some other sites around the net it discribed those same ports range as 0-1023.

I suppose it would be just as easy to block 0-1024 but now it has me wondering what the correct range is.

For the importance it might have, privileged ports are BELOW 1024 (i.e., 0-1023), but is mainly is a Unix/Linux/MacOs notion, where no one is able to access such ports if not having root credentials.

Windows doesn’t know anything about root credentials and makes you able, if you want to, to e.g. run a http/ftp server on a low port without root (administrator’s) credentials.