Privileged Ports [0-1023]

:-\ Is this means that i’m reciving data on that ports? Like 25 and 587 are one of them?

And other question, can i close ports 25 and 587? Thay are used for like e-mailing?

If you are RECEIVING data on port 25 or port 587, then, unless you are deliberately running an email server on your PC, you may have a problem.

If you are SENDING data on port 25 or 587, then these are the ports that are used to send email.

Do these alerts occur when your email program is running?

Ewen :slight_smile:

I’m not using e-mail clients at all, just online box.

I find out that many keyloggers are using 587 port to transmit data out to remote SMTP server.

I’m trying to learn some things in comodo config to disable those ports but, i won’t disable those if thay are used by some legit appz…

THNX for answers :-TU