PrivDog service always running?

I am just wondering why the PrivDog service is always running. It takes about 50 MB or RAM. If PrivDog is a browser extension then why does it run when my browser is not running?

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If you use add/remove programs (Uninstall a program in Win 7) and run the privdog uninstaller and select IE, the process will go away (Note this won’t remove privdog from your other browsers, and they will work just fine). The process is only for IE as I don’t use IE I personally remove it.

Agree with that :-TU
You can uninstall PD and add the extension (.crx file in CD installition path>extensions) in your CD… This way works fine for me :-TU

Thanks Netguy101, I forgot to mention that it was for IE only. :-TU
I disable the service through CCleaners start-up options, this way it still filters IE for the odd occasion it is used.

Thanks guys. I will just uninstall the IE version. Don’t use IE anyway (too clumsy). :smiley: