PrivDog Release Candidate 1 Beta Testing.

Hi All,

Today we’re making available the PrivDog Release Candidate 1 Beta Testing.

This version is a beta version and may contain defects and/or features that are subject to change following the beta testing period and should therefore not be used on production systems.

The Beta 2 version for Internet Explorer can be downloaded from the following URL:

Note for IE 10 users, you may need to activate the plug-in after installation via the IE message bar at the bottom when IE is first run. Open a new tab and all should work fine.

Note for Windows 8 users: PrivDog for IE on Windows 8 works for IE in desktop mode and doesn’t work for IE in Metro full screen mode.

This IE version does not have a threat counter added to the toolbar icon that Chrome and FF have, we’re working to find a solution for this.

This version includes numerous bug fixes, improved performance and stability.

Well done guys,


Alexsandr Thanks.
PrivDog working properly.
But here’s the IE 10 is much slower.
Just a question.
Why trustedadssvc.exe process is constantly working?
At startup PrivDog Service - disabled and when IE is not used.

good job guys!

Keep protecting our users!

Privacy invaders are getting bolder every day and eroding our privacy!

Get our Privacy Dog to ■■■■ on them and stop them from taking our privacy away from us!

Thank you

So Far it is working OK for I.E. 10 But here are my findings.

I am going to insert 4 Snapshot Captures, to explain better.

Capture No 1 Shows this after loading I.E. 10 after three times of Loading ie10, that is since it took two times to get Privdog actually working.

Capture No 2 I set Privdog to Block all Ads from the Network, and I closed I.E and re-opend it and the Settings went back to Default. So when looking at Snapshot it shows in Blue what I set, and after a Relaunch of I.E. 10 it shows what I marked in Red. as Default Settings.

Capture No 3 Shows this in the Address Bar.

Capture No 4 This is what shows under Manage Add-Ons. So as you see there Red is for Load time and Blue for Navigation.

So I hope I have explained all, nice and clear.

Thanks again Regards


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I will agree with Nigel.
Screenshot: 2 and 3.

Capture No 3 Shows this in the Address Bar.
When going into the settings.

My Screenshots.

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OS: Windows 8.1
IE 11 support? ???

It’s the team’s next priority.

Thanks a lot to Nige_39 and Jenny66 for provided replies and details. We appreciate your help. Below you’ll find my comments to your questions:

  1. Trustedadssvc.exe is a PrivDog service which works in a background and provides to PrivDog plug in instances an ability to save and share common data So it constantly stays in the background to speed up communications with plugin instances.

  2. Our ‘Preferences’ page is based on embedded into trustedads.dll html dialog which IE shows in its address bar as res://trustedads.dll/212.

  3. Nige_36 observed a slow navigation time and was not able to save PrivDog preferences between IE sessions. I assume that there may be some kind of compatibility issue in Nige_39 environment which blocks or prevents communications between PrivDog IE plug ins and trustedadssvc.exe process. To clarify this situation it would be good if Nige_39 will try to:

    1. See whether trustedadssvc.exe works and visible in Task manager process list.
    2. If trustedadssvc.exe doesn’t present in the Task manager process list he may try to start trustedadssvc.exe from windows Explorer - go to PrivDog installation folder and start trustedadssvc.exe. If it doesn’t start - we have an issue with some software which prevents trustedadssvc.exe from starting properly. We can try to identify this software and find a way to resolve the issue.


Thanks for the clarification.
Good luck to you and your team. :-TU

Hello akorenyak,

trustedadssvc.exe is running well under my Processes and the Memory size is 12,704 K and it says next to it PrivDog Service.

So everything looks OK

So I looked at the Load time it said 0.02 s and Navigation 0.67 s

So I thought I let you know

Thanks again



Last night when I tried to install Internet Explorer 11. Privdog, seemed to have Locked up Internet Explorer. Privdog came very unresponsive and when I tried to shut it down under Manage add-ons to, it would not disable at all. So all choice I had was to uninstall Privdog.

At that point I did have Internet Explorer 10 Installed.

So Once I done that everything was running fine again, as in after the Uninstall of Privdog.

Therefore I am Reporting this issue.

I now have Internet Explorer 11 installed and all running fine, without Privdog installed.



I just opened up Internet Explorer 11.

And I have the Result of the test shown from Privdog.

I seem to have got Privdog for I.E. Build into one of the New Installs of CIS 6.3, If fact it came with the build just before the last build.

Anyway here is the Capture

Now on this capture you see the Load time as the first one. 0.07s but the Navigation was high. 0.96s

seen in the capture below.

Also it still does not Lock on to Block all Ad Networks after you close and reopen a page of I.E 11

I hope this helps



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One thing I do not like about Privdog on Internet Explorer. Is when I am filling out forms Online Privdog seems to block every form I wish to send.

Therefore, if I am running Privdog, and I Complete and Application form just say, and I have completed the Form then press Send, that is where I get Problems

Internet Explorer is trying to complete the page send, but it just sticks and does not move at all.

So to fix my Issue, I had to shut down Privdog, and then restart Internet Explorer, then start from fresh to fill out my form, so once compete, I press Send and the form or send nice any easy.

I have had this issue a few times, running Privdog on I.E. 10 and I.E. 11 and I get the same problem

Therefore, that is why I am reporting this Problem

Many thanks