PrivDog and Disconnect

Im using Chrome and the plugins Disconnect and PrivDog. But PrivDog doesn’t show any trusted ad until I disable Disconnect.
How can I fix that without removing one of these 2 extensions?


Hi Yoshua

Disconnect and PrivDog in Chrome are using the same APIs, described here

In section “Conflict resolution”, you can see following:

[b]Only one extension is allowed to redirect a request or modify a header at a time[/b]. If more than one extension attempts to modify the request, the most recently installed extension wins and all others are ignored. An extension is not notified if its instruction to modify or redirect has been ignored.

So, for now we have a technical limitations in Chrome and looking for a solution.

Does that mean that PD detection and block rate is the same as Disconnect one ?

This only means, that they’re using same Chrome core API functions to intercept requests. Any Chrome extension, that wants to modify or block request, will use this APIs. Logic of blocking/modifying, surely, will be different in every extension.