PrivDog Alpha available for alpha testing.

Hi All,

We’d like to announce the release of PrivDog Alpha for alpha testing.
The alpha is available for download from the following link:

Note: Only run this alpha on testing systems and not production systems.

Below is the report page for the above file:

This version of PrivDog supports all browsers include Opera and once again includes Google Chrome support. This now means that again users can control their own privacy without arbitrary restrictions or application inclusion polices of browser manufactures.

We look forward to hearing your feedback so you can help form the final product we’ll all be using and improve its quality.

The PrivDog Team.

Thanks for the release :slight_smile: Will test!

Thanks Netguy!!! :slight_smile:

Also noticed ads not being replaced on IE 11, visited on Firefox 32 and saw replaced ads, while on IE 11 they appeared to be blocked and no replacements shown.

excellent work guys!

You have built a great platform to start adding a lot of privacy security features for our users now.

good job!


Thank you, I will be installing it shortly. :-TU

Sounds very interesting and in a way I hoping it would function.

Edit: First impressions brilliant and first impressions last. :-TU

I just installed for testing it on my real system.
I did not select on installition

installition is good. After restart, I opened Privdog and settings are like this. I opted-out but this looks not work.

I have no shortcut for Privdog after instaling. And Interface does not loaded after installing process.

I clicked “Check for Updates” here.

but there are no alerts like “Everything is up-to-date” or “Downloading new updates or filters…”

These are what I saw in first look. I will report if I have some.

Thanks guys, I am happy about Comodo works on it.

great feedback, please keep it coming.

Win 7 32-bit: It appears to be blocking and functioning correctly with all installed browsers.

Win 8.1 64-bit: It appears to blocking and functioning correctly with all installed browsers except with Dragon 33.1 (No blocking occurring).
Not sure if this is my system or if it is an issue with W 8.1 or 64-bit operating systems.

Also it should remove or at least disable Dragon’s previous version native PrivDog extension by default.


It doesn’t work for me here. I have latest Comodo Dragon with HTTPS Everywhere and Lastpass extensions.
Privdog did not blocked advertisements!
Comodo IceDragon works perfect, Privdog can block ads on it :-TU
Windows 7 Home Premium x64 - Fully up-to-date
I uploaded a video for this please watch it. I will show Privdog not blocked ads and I also showed the “Check for Updates” response problem.

Here is the video :>&s=8

Developer guys, maybe you can add an

icon for every threats section to explain what are these, I mean dictionary meaning of them. Most of basic users will love this informations.

And please remove the “Recommended” word from on the settings.

If people see Ad-Trust Media ads on their browser with the recommended settings, You can be sure guys they will uninstall privdog immediately.

Great feedback guys :slight_smile:

Can we expect a quick bug-fix release :slight_smile: I do not want Privdog like this.

Hi yigido,
I don’t agree sorry, this would be defeating the purpose of what PrivDog is trying to achieve. :slight_smile:
Safe, private and secure browsing all the while trying not to harm the eco system to keep browsing free for everyone.

Kind regards.

These are just my two cents. Privdog will replace ads with AdTrust Media ads and only Comodo will earn on this eco-system ???
This is not the way. I do not want to be off-topic but CIS Trusted Vendors contains some adware signatures! Why ? to get money to keep alive eco-system. For free internet

Not entirely true, site owners still receive their revenue also and the ads will still generate benefits to the companies advertising.

They have to deal with Ad Trust Media to get their money?

Isn’t this a better way than having potentially dangerous ads from numerous 3rd party vendors, or no ads at all like conventional ad blockers?

I prefer conventional ad blockers :-TU We are spamming this topic. Can we talk on Personal message plese :azn:

Does Privdog have script blocking? I wonder this because when I use noscript I get a similar improvement in browser speed. I’m assuming PD probably blocks some third party scripts.

Good point, please see PM.