in the settings privacy , i use custom settings for history and check always use private browsing mode.

But i would like seeing the purple mask like when i choose new private window.

Does it exist a special " style " or " css " or an option in " .config " to make appear this feature ?

i like when it is shown on the screen that all is ok.


Hi merke,
This has been removed from the Firefox base.
Earlier in private browsing the colour of Firefox was purple- Mozilla Support

The best solution I can find is using the following extension.
This shows a purple mask icon when in private mode and crossed out purple mask icon in non private mode.
This works when ‘Always use private browsing mode’ is selected.
Switch Private Browsing-Firefox Add-On

Hope that helps.
Edit: Spelling correction.

It does !
With " customize " i can catch it and move on the left : now i see ; i am on a private_window.
Thank you captainsticks.

You are welcome. :slight_smile: