Private Networks Not Remembered/Saved

I installed the newest version of CIS with pretty much the default options. Everytime I boot my computer, I am prompted that Comodo has detected a “new” private network. However, it is always detecting the same network(s) (I use my computer on a couple of different networks). No matter how many times I name the networks, they never seem to be saved, and I am always prompted. Is this a known issue, or is there a fix aside from telling Comodo not to automatically detect new networks?


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I haven’t heard of this problem yet. Are the networks showing up in “My Network Zones” at all? Or are they just duplicating there? Have you tried saving the networks, and then disabling CIS’s auto network detection? The only thing I could think of is that every time you connect to your network, the network has something different about it than the last one, causing CIS to detect it as a new network.