Private Network Detected" query.

I understand that you can join only one private network at a time correct?

I just received a prompt today from Comodo that a new Private Network was detected and the IP address it was showing was beyond my knowledge. I mean it wasn’t something I recognized, because it was not the one I had by default: 192.168.x.x.

I’m concerned (slightly paranoid) because my traffic (all those stories) might be going through someone else first and then going to the designated place. Like someone is monitoring all my traffic/connections.

What does the “Close” button do? Does it cancel you from joining? Or just it just close the prompt (like the X button) and you still join the Network regardless?

I had no idea who or what the IP address is and why I’m joining it.

The IP address was “”.

Lots about this on this thread:;msg109807#msg109807

Your router or modem must have reset or lost power, something along those lines.
Or your ISP reset something.
That address is from the range windows gives itself if it doesn’t get one from
Reboot, PC.
See if you are all good. Check that you have a 192.168.x.x address again.

Frogger, hm… I’ve navigated to Firewall>Common Tasks>My Network Zones and it seems to be fine. Just a “Loopback Zone” and a “Home Network”. My only concern is the weird IP address that CIS 3.5 was detecting (169…). There doesn’t seem to be any power loss or such and nothing out of the ordinary.

I guess Jasper answered my question:;msg109816#msg109816