"private network detected" - Now what?

Hi folks,

I’ve determined that, through various posts on the subject here, this is referring to my computer’s Broadcom card. I’m still confused as to what I should do with it. I’ve been just closing the box but wonder if this is the most prudent thing to do. I’m assuming that it would not be good to check the box “do not automatically detect new networks”?

I’m using a desktop w/XP SP2 hardwired to a wireless router. We also have 2 other laptops with wireless access to the router but none of the systems need to communicate with one another at this time.

From the help file:

If your computer is connected to a home or work network, then you will be prompted to configure it.

Step 1: Even home users with a single computer will have to configure a home network in order to connect to the internet. (this is usually displayed in the Step 1 text field as you network card). Most users should accept this this name.

Step 2: If you wish your computer to accept connections from other PC’s in this network or for printer sharing, then also select this option (e.g. a work or home network). This will then become a trusted network. Users that only have a single home computer connecting to the internet should avoid this setting.

You must select OK to confirm your choice. If you click on ‘Close’ button, all the network connections will be blocked.


Hi Mike & thanks,

What you say makes sense but I guess here’s where I’m confused. I click the close button but it seems to make no difference in my connecting to the internet. As with my session right now, I clicked “close” but am able to post this & surf normally at any site. Am I missing something?


My guess is that you will be able to connect to the internet but the other computers in your network i.e. your laptops will not be able to talk communicate with the computer you are now using.

This is just a guess on my part.

Perhaps some of our more knowledgeable posters will chime in.


Hi Lance,i have a similar set up to yours and on each boot up i get the" new networks " message.I just do exactly as you do and close the window,this makes your pc unable to talk with others on the lan.
To check this go to Firewall/My Network Zones and you should only have an entry for the loopback zone.

Nice 1 Matty

So as long as I don’t need to communicate with the others, closing the window is fine? In this scenario, if I set it to NOT detect networks will this leave me vulnerable in any way?

& yes, I have only the loopback network.


I have a single PC running Windows XP SP2 that is NOT on a network…no wireless…just a simple AT&T DSL connection. When I get these messages about an attempt to establish a private network I have closed them.

I fear that some of the legitimate programs and services I use (e.g., Dell, Intel and AutoCAD) cannot communicate with my PC at will and provide upgrades, patches, etc., on an ad hoc basis.

What should I do?