I just found this and it sort of got me thinking.

How much do we really value our privacy?
it seems to me that privacy is something that’s glossed over, more than not. I know this is not specifically Internet or product related but it does involve you and me, where ever we go and what ever we do.

I know you can’t turn off CCTV, but the equivalent exists on the net. Every time I visit a web site, including this one, information is recorded in a database, somewhere.

The problem is, obfuscating our identity is quite hard and well beyond ‘normal’ users. Where ever we go, we leave a trail. Every click is a breadcrumb for the trackers, every clicked advert is an associated confirmation

Today the Internet offers very little privacy for the average user. The companies that live off your clicks will rejoice and feed your behavioural information into a database, forever…

Do you protect your privacy online? if so, how?