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Comodo firewall 3.0 and even 2.4 doesn’t protect mine privacy, tracing, cookies, referrers and some dangerous scripts are not blocked, it is very simple to retrieve some information to do harm things. The next firewall must also have an advertisements filter and banner blocking, Kaspersky and Outpost are equipped with these blockers and privacy protection but Comodo doesn’t. What is the status of developement for the next generation firewall of Comodo.

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That website always says that. Dont believe it. Comodo doesn’t have a web shield. Cookies are not spyware nor are they dangerous. If you disable cookies on certain sites you will not be able to visit that site at all.

I think this is not the job of a firewall, it can be done much better in the browser level. Referrers are not a major vulnerability. Cookies and scripts can be blocked in the browser. For instance there are dedicated plugins for firefox like noscript(highly recomended). For the cookies there are several, in the past I used cookiesafe if I remember well. Nowdays I dont care about them…they are not a major threat. Advertisements can also be blocked more effectively in the browser. Adblockplus serves me well(firefox plugin).

Very true Blas. I tried Outpost years ago and I couldnt visit any site cause it blocked everything. Blah,blah. Firefox like you said can be configured to block all those mentioned. Comodo is #1 for a reason.

Yeah I also used to use Outpost years ago. And this browser privacy function was quite buggy and it also slowed down my connection. I hope such will not be integrated into cfp. It can be done very well in the browser. Anyway everybody knows that pcflank and outpost have a close relationship.

All you need is a good av with web protection. I use Avira Premium. NOD32 and Avast are also good.When I used ZAP it wouldnt even let me access the PCFlank site. It came up as known spy site.

I have buying Avira Premium and have web protection enabled i will see what is happening i also use A-Squared anti-malware for catching and eliminating nasty trojans, dialers, scumware, and other garbage thanks for your help.

You dont need A-Squared running in real time cause Avira does that for you. Scan once a week with SAS on demand and you will be fine. Use CCleaner for cookies.

If you have Firefox you can easily set it to remove all cookies every time you close it.

Any you want to keep can be set as exceptions.

yes i use flock with adblocker + cookiesafe, noscript, keyscrambler, but with internet explorer you are bombarded with ads.

There is an tool ie7 pro but thats no the right solution because if you block normal ads then they come back as flash and blocking flash means many sites doesn’t work at all.

The need for an webshield is not the discussion Avira must catch this.

A-Squared catch trojans and many malware that Avira doesn’t catch Avira has missed 2 dialers and 1 keylogger so the need for real time A-Squared is for me important and it catch tracing cookies and protect many other parts of windows.

And what test was this? Did you do it yourself? Avira has been a top leader in AV Comparatives for years. Other websites also vote it #1. An Avira CEO told me you do not need another real time spyware scanner running when you have Avira.

Have you upgraded your HOSTS file? That alone gets rid of a large volume of ads. Go to Blocking Unwanted Connections with a Hosts File if you haven’t done it yet. Are you sure a-squared is not getting false positives? Unless you are an awfully unsafesurfer you seem to be seeing a lot of malware, especially malware that avira doesn’t know about.

I just scanned with A-Squared and it is the only scanner that seems to think Gamespy is spyware. Been that way for years.

I truly love Avira, I agree with my friend Vettetech. With COMODO Firewall Pro 3 & Avira REAL TIME, & SUPERAntispyware & CCleaner scanning weekly, You should be sweet! Common Sense helps too. Maybe add Spybot.

If you want other AV Suggestions, The best Free ones are IMO:
*AntiVir Personal 8.1
*Avast! Home Edition 4.8
*AVG Free Edition 8.0

Remember only use one!


Thanks 3. Overlapping security doesn’t mean better protection. I have always only used a firewall and av and never 1 infection in over 5 years now. I also Sandbox when I go to the dark side.

For blocking flash, you will need some modification in your CPF, try this: add in “image execution settings” *.ocx and *.com
After adding those extensions you will be prompted when some app. (including browsers) tries to execute flash media, you take this advice as little experiment, so post back your result…

P.S. if you wanna to be able to be prompted everytime your browser tries to make connection with flash media do not tick “Remember my answer” in warning window

Also for IE and cookies, you have very useful settings inside browser itself to block 3rd party cookies, so if some site you visiting also contains (popup ads for instance) from some other sites, those cookies will be blocked (see pic)

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Hi salmonela,

May I ask, what was the main reason (and, actually, reasons other than “main” as well :slight_smile: ) not to include those as defaults in Image Execution ?

Hi 3xist,
This is regarding suggested AV.
You may have as many as you want but you use only one with Real-Time Guard as your preferred AV choice
You can setup others having their R-T components disabled and use as an additional on-demand scanners.
In this forum there is explanation given by panic regarding similar for Comodo AV as an additional one.
It brings some work though as for maintaining latest updates. Plus in most cases you have to temporarily re-enable components in order to perform updates/scans… and sure disable R-T of your main one during scanning because that would be wrong (starting from increasing scan time and may have other unpleasant side effects).

My Regards

Cause if you did that then people would be complaining that they cant see certain sites or images. Right from the start without any tweaks Comodo is the most powerful firewall out there. If you want some fine tuning your more then welcome to. I used Outpost years ago and by default everything is blocked. I had to turn down every option just to browse.

Hi Vettetech,

Thanks for reply

First - Yes - (R) without any tweaks

I used Outpost years ago and by default everything is blocked. I had to turn down every option just to browse.
That was extremely convenient as I can imagine :SMLR Cheers