Privacy advisor - what is being done to fix and general discussion


I have a Beautiful HTC one, that I will not use. I am finding that privacy advisor will not work. So I am using my HTC one-s that I can lock down.

I believe this is because of changes that google made in kitkat - I think I remember an article that said it was changed after kitkat was released. Can anyone point me in the right direction to start researching these therories?

And all of a sudden when trying to get privacy advisor working on my one I get a popup that asks me if I want to allow google to watch the apps on my phone for suspicious / malicious behavior, Yea right as if they could be trusted. I enabled it because I had no other recourse Evil sons of bitc*es.

Also I would like an update as to if comodo believes they are making headway on fixing this issue.

I have tried other so called privacy apps - but so far they are a joke they attempt to shut off things after app starts, like wifi, which sometimes works and sometimes does not. It is well known that many apps ask for many permissions that they dont need, IE: why would a calculator app need to access my contacts?

I know I am not well informed but I am trying to become better informed please help.

I have a HTC one M8 and when I select privacy advisor the phone either cold boots or I get an error about needing root privileges. I think it isn’t compatible with android 4.4.

Or is SuperSU the problem? The firewall works fine by the way.

I’m getting root privilege errors on 4.4.3 (previously 4.4.2). Works on 4.2.2 though.