Priority One for Comodo Firewall: an uninstaller that actually works!

I tried doing an Comodo update [just clicked on the update option] on my Vista laptop and it failed when it could not copy some file. No problem I thought, I will just uninstall, download a new copy, and re-install. That did not work at all. Supposedly it uninstalled but when I tried to re-install, I was told Comodo was still installed and asked if I wanted to uninstall. Of course I said yes and assumed the uninstall happened. But it didn’t! So I went and decided to rip it out by the roots there being no alternative. Out went the two Comodo folders I found and then I cleaned the registry twice with two different cleaners. Same problem when I tried to re-install – Comodo was still installed. Ran USSS’s uninstall script a couple of times but it did not work because I was not in safe mode so files that were not supposed to exist were in use. Booted into safe mode ran the script and bingo it was finally gone! I was finally able to install the new version [304] – I guess I am a masochist!

Priority One at Comodo should be to create an uninstall that actually works. The present situation is just ridiculous!