Printing to PDF in Opera using Linux OS (Resolved)

Hey all, using Opera in Linux over here and am looking for a quick way to print to PDF files through Opera. In firefox it was as simple as making sure to install CUPS, typing “kprinter” into the dialog box, pressing print, specifying the location, and away it went making PDF’s of helpful web documents.

I’ve tried doing this with Opera and it fails miserably. Empty files, files that claim they are PDF’s but can’t be opened by any pdf viewer, files that can only be opened in image viewers, files that open with gibberish and all sorts of other difficulties. I’ve tried CUPS printers, and virtual printers, and weird things I found on the net I didn’t think would work (and no surprise, they didn’t). This is kind of an essential for me so I’d really like it to work.

If it helps I’m using PCLinuxOS with KDE but I also use Gnome with Linux Mint on another PC so both ways could be helpful.

Does anyone know of a way to do this? I’m just looking to be a bit more successful than I have been… :SMLR

I suppose you’ve tried my favorite PDF maker; PDFCreator?

Do you have Ghostscript properly installed? Probably, as you can print PDF from Firefox (though I don’t know what “kprinter” is dependent on)…


Hey thanks for the reply, I’ve been looking at what you mentioned and it looks to me as if PDF Creator is only available for Windows, am I wrong?

If not can you point me in the right direction to read up more about it. The sourceforge site seemed to just have windows files to install with.

If it is for Windows, while its a great product I can’t use it. I run PCLinuxOS primarily and Windows for about an hour or two out of the day. (:LGH)

Appreciate the help


Sorry :-[, you are right. I took for granted that there was a Linux version since it uses Ghostscript. Obviously it’s only for Windows though.

Hope you’ll find a solution anyway. :wink:


Alright, thanks a lot. I’ll keep on waiting. Maybe someone else will come along.

In case anyone else comes across this I’ll post my answer. I ended up using “Kprinter” command in Opera, and instead of the file being outputted being .PDF it was actually postscript which looks better for some reason. In any case, I found a work around solution that works fine for any Opera users out there.


Edit I’ll go ahead and mark my own post as resolved which is something I’ve always wanted to do :BNC